Tuesday 18 June 2024

Paul Luciw 
Paul Luciw (aka Ed) has lived in Hong Kong since 1991. He founded the AsiaXPAT site in 1999, and has written thousands of articles about Hong Kong and Asia powering the expat Must Reads section. Whatever the issue, if Hong Kong is involved, he’s got an opinion and usually an answer. Ed has also been to Haiti, Cairo, Bahrain and various other countries and written articles for AsiaXPAT providing an insider’s perspective on strife situations in those locations. Ed has written travel articles for AsiaXPAT focusing on a wide range of off the beaten path destinations that include the Canadian Arctic, Patagonia, Uzbekistan, Burma and Irian Jaya. More recently Ed has spent time on the front lines observing the HK protests and publishing video and editorial content on AsiaXPAT.