Wednesday 24 July 2024

How to choose the best family health insurance in Singapore 
Singapore has a phenomenal healthcare system, which is considered by many as one of the best in the world. Due to its versatile and high-quality medical services, it can be costly for expats as they don’t have access to many of the government-run schemes and subsidies. So, it is imperative that expats choose the right plan, especially if they have family members that need coverage as well.
Here, the team at Pacific Prime Singapore offers some important things to consider when choosing family health insurance.

Inpatient coverage

Your first priority to consider is inpatient coverage. An unexpected injury or illness will most definitely land you or your family member in a hospital that requires admission for treatment. Depending on the acuity, hospital costs can run high and cost you thousands of Singaporean dollars, and many times more in private hospitals. Therefore, when choosing a family health plan, opt for one that has high overall benefits, especially if you have a big family.

Outpatient coverage

Next on your list to consider is outpatient coverage. When you have a family that includes young children, you are likely to visit the doctor often. Securing family health insurance with outpatient coverage means that all your scans, tests, and prescriptions will be covered when visiting a GP or specialist. Check for plans that have comprehensive outpatient benefit packages to include essentials like vaccinations and health check-ups that your young children will need as they grow.

International coverage

If you are likely to relocate in the near future, an international insurance policy can travel with you with no interruptions to your cover. This will ensure that your family will have access to one of many hospital facilities or clinics in the network of providers listed on your plan.

Direct billing

No parent or family member wants to be overwhelmed by paperwork when dealing with the stress of visiting the doctor or hospital in an emergency. To avoid such a situation, it is worth your while finding a family health policy with a substantial direct billing network.

Choosing a family health insurance plan

Here is a brief step by step guide of what to do next:
  1. Review other options like dental care, vision care, and maternity insurance. If you are planning to give birth, it is important to note that maternity benefits are typically attached with a waiting period ranging from anywhere between 10 to 24 months. Hence, you must wait for a specific period of time to elapse before you can claim your maternity expenses.
  2. Compare health plan networks. If you have a family doctor that you want to see on your plan, then make sure the hospital or clinic is within the network provided.
  3. Determine whether you want more health coverage and higher premiums, or lower premiums and higher out-of-pocket costs.
  4. Check for any waiting periods or pre-existing health conditions.
For more information on the benefits and coverage available, contact Pacific Singapore today and request a quote for family health insurance.