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Second Hand Furniture Stores?

Posted by jonnyb (3086 days ago)

Does anyone know of any second hand furniture and/or appliance stores in Sing? Am probably only going to be here fora year and I'm not really interested in making a large capital investment to round out an apartment...

Thanks a lot!

#1 Posted by Perthites (3086 days ago)

did you check the buy/sell posts on this site?

#2 Posted by jonnyb (3086 days ago)

I have had a look...

#3 Posted by Wheelymate (3085 days ago)

are you in singapore already?
check out the notice board at cold storage supermarkets (e.g. the one at great world city always seems to have some good deals on dining tables, book shelves, etc) - there is always some ad for second furniture what with expats relocating, etc. and also the straits times classifieds on weekends for garage sale.

it also depends on how second hand you are prepared for (ie the condition) can try the salvation army thrift shops.

there is ikea in singapore so you can get some stuff that aren't too expensive. or explore the heartlands where the local shops will have cheaper furniture.

check out carrefour (suntec city or plaza singapore), have seen beds for 200 bucks there before.

good luck!

#4 Posted by jonnyb (3085 days ago)

Thanks for the information!

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