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Plus Size Apparel for Women

Posted by whitebox (3815 days ago)

Hi, does anyone know any shops that sells plus size apparel for women in Singapore?

Also, does anyone feel that there is a lack of shops that cater to plus size women?

#1 Posted by Sue (3718 days ago)

I just bought a dress for $79 at Magnify House at The Arcade 3rd floor (near Raffles Place MRT station). They do have some fab clothes that are suitable for work and afterwork as well. The salespeople there are sooo friendly! N they take care of all the little things. : ) I'm a size 20 with them.

They have a competitor on the same floor -- Sant Rolane, with 2 shopfronts, where the salespeople are very pushy but friendly still. I bought a suit jacket there for $80 (please rem to bargain!) which really fitted me! Quite a steal, given that departmental stores have the prices up to $120 on average and somemore without my size. Sant Rolane carry up to Size 27. : ) Hehe... I'm a 25 with them. : )
Give up on their website though. It's not up.

There is one shop at OUB Centre on the 3rd floor by the name of Estique. More catered for working wear.

I also go to Dorothy Perkins but can't fit into most of their stuff. sobz.

I also went to Joan Allen's at Robinsons. Not too big a range but I bought a spaghetti strap to wear inside a jacket. So ladies who like to *ahem ahem* can *ahem ahem* ; )

Will try Holland Village for the plus size shoes... Hopefully they have something suitable for elephants... ; )
Will try out Pedalworks, York boutique and Monsoon.

Gook Luck, Girls! : )

#2 Posted by Sue (3718 days ago)

Oh yah... would actually suggest that big girls like us tailor our clothes. I just went to a tailor at Peninsula Plaza Basement who quoted me $100 for a jacket suit. Very good deal, given that off the shelves suits are not tailored to fit but much more expensive still.
I got my cloth at Chinatown Market 2nd level. You'll be amazed at the variety there. They have all kinds of demin, lace and everything!

Peninsula Plaza Basement also house an amazing array of plus size jeans (they have jumbo sizes up to 58!) and t-shirts with brands like Quiksilver and Tribal. I just bought a pair of Stussy jeans of size 46 at $60, altering included.

I'm including all this prices and sizes so you have a guage of the pricing. Please do not allow any chance for them to overquote u. Please go with an Asian lady as a companion if you go shopping around Peninsula area. They tend to quote u something much higher if you are a foreigner.

#3 Posted by Sue (3718 days ago)

Dear Ladies,
Am so happy to tell you girls that I managed to buy shoes for elephants! I heard about this PedalWorks shop and stumbled upon one at Jurong Point (Boon Lay MRT station). It's right at the end on the 1st storey and you can really find different kinds of shoes!

I bought 1 pair of working shoes and finally, for the 1st time in my life, ladies sandals. Those strappy kinds and all. My mum bought a pair too and I'm seeing myself going back to the shop VERY soon. Hehe...
They have sizes up to 12 and I'm wearing a 11 with them. I have VERY broad feet (length is an 8) so it's so difficult to get proper shoes. They also have custom made shoes as well. I bought the strappy sandals at $36.

They also have another outlet at Tiong Bahru Plaza on the ground floor. Whilst you're there, you might want to take a look at York Boutique on the 2nd floor. Nice helpful boss there.

I understand some of you girls shop at Charles & Keith. Any idea what's their biggest size there? Thks & Happy Shopping! : )

#4 Posted by sonia (3718 days ago)

hey alice, that elingerie is having sales now. bra sets costs $24.90 & bra at $18.90, really cheap! the plus size bras are really worth buying. can hardly find these kinda designs & at this kinda price locally! btw, for others who might be interested, here's the website address

#5 Posted by happy (3718 days ago)

It's nice to bump into this website and realise that there are so many places to go for big size clothes.

For shoe, you can try VIVA (Located beside a barbeque meat shop) at Ang Mo Kio Central. They have shoes up to size 9. The width of the shoe is bigger than the norm...

#6 Posted by happy (3718 days ago)

VNC (at Citylink mall & OUB Centre) carry shoe size up to size 10

#7 Posted by whitebox (3718 days ago)

hi ladies. many thanks for some of the useful input..and suggestions. this thread was started to find out more about plus size apparel in singapore..not to start a slagging match between the ladies. as long as you're confident about yourself and the way you look, that's the most important thing.

anyone with more useful input., you can also e-mail me at

#8 Posted by Hello (3718 days ago)

Hi ladies,

Recently i have gone thru all your precious msg and found out that actually plus sized ladies like you all have difficulties in finding beautiful and affordable clothes. I am currently getting some feedbacks from my friends and ladies like you all regarding what type of clothes are you all looking for and what are the price ranges. I am considering to start up a business to provide lovely clothings to all plus sized ladies in Singapore. Who says big girls can't be pretty right? Hope to hear from you all. Thanks a lot!

#9 Posted by Carrie (3718 days ago)

Anyone know the opening hours of the shop - Magnify Hse. I went the Arcade once but was closed.

#10 Posted by Carrie (3718 days ago)

Sorry I think I would like to know the opening hours of the shop called Magnify hse. BTW, how is the pricing like for the shop called Closet Raid?

#11 Posted by Carrie (3718 days ago)

Can I know the prices in the shop - Closet Raid?

#12 Posted by Carrie (3718 days ago)

Hi ladies.. I will be selling 2nd hand clothes in clarke quay level 2 on 29Aug from morning til evening. Most sizes are UK 12 to 16. Prices are around $15 only. Most of them are in fact new ones because I can't fit in as my friends and relatives bought for me. Please come early if you are interested because they are really good stuff and I can't bear to sell them in fact. You are welcome to say a Hi to me. Perhaps I can give you some discount since we are all asiaxpat users!!

#13 Posted by Carrie (3718 days ago)

There are shoes as well..

#14 Posted by Jo (3718 days ago)

hihi.. soon i'm going to attend my prom night. can anyone pls tell me where to get a nice evening gown. I'm size 18. thanks

#15 Posted by Jo (3718 days ago)


Can you tell me where to get plus size shoes in Singapore. My size I think is 9 or 10 but most of the shops are selling up till 8 only.

help! JO

#16 Posted by jf (3718 days ago)

Anybody has idea where to get a nice HUGE with a LARGE width shoes here in Malaysia? Or any idea of shoes custom made shops ?

Or anybody willing to shop for me in SG and ship them to me here in Malaysia? Im willing to pay a little bit more for the services. Im just dying to get a nice decent shoes/sandals for casual and work.

My feet is really huge with around 10" length but 4.3" width which make me the biggest elephant feet .. err in Malaysia i guess. Hee.

NEED HELP !!! THanks.

#17 Posted by lin (3718 days ago)

Hi BBW Princess! You can try to purchase the wedding growns from Ebay, we can hardly find any plus size gowns in Singapore, sad to say. Another alternative would be to purchase the kind of material you want for your gown (at spotlight) and there is a seamstress who can make a gown for you for a fee. Oh by the way, where do you get your clothes? Hope this helps! Maybe you can share with us with some places which sells large size clothes?

#18 Posted by Dreamer (3718 days ago)

Hi, my sis is getting marry soon. We have a problem looking for a evening gown as she is kind of big size. Does anyone know any shops that sell plus size gown(a simple nice grown/dress will do too)?

#19 Posted by Rita (3718 days ago)

hi fatchicks,i can come along wif big size me ok at

#20 Posted by alice (3718 days ago)

saw a post last nite on a webstore selling plus size bras & lingerie. went to take a look. they carry very cheap bra & panty set costs abt S$40. they carry famous brands like victoria secret, olga, delta burkes etc. they oso hv t-shirt bra, their lacy, sexy bras costs S$30+ each only - really cheap. i've placed some orders myself. btw, their website add is

#21 Posted by bigboldbeautiful (3718 days ago)

i think they do have, u have to scroll up, personally i have this tailor@ bedok to do up my pants and shirts, cost between $39- $69 inclusive of materials, u can email me i'll inform u the next time around. i have been sending emails to AXL aka, she does this business for both in sg and malaysia but she stops replying thats the problem, i just saw one of this shop right at the entrance of thomson plaza, selling size plus clothings but prices kinda steep $69 for a top, which i think i'll go to m&s if thats the price, anyway anyone else knew where i can get reasonably cheap apparels please leave me a mail

#22 Posted by bigboldbeautiful (3718 days ago)

i'll go home and get the card from my bro, he introduced to, i only know how to go, i'll get the contacts and email you. btw would you be interested in getting some of these non authentic ralph lauren and burberry's shirts for office? i've got qualities from Korea, almost 99% replica of the exact, and they are cheap, comes in diff color. up to xxxl size, im size 22 and i can fit into wanna try?

#23 Posted by bigboldbeautiful (3718 days ago)

hi eisya
thanks, why dont u call me, i can u the sample, if it fits then u buy lahh, dont worry, im bigger i think, plus im pregnant now, can u imagine how big i am? 98468561

#24 Posted by Aces (3718 days ago)

Metro Marina final closing sale is a "must go" place.

If you are wearing size 16-18, definitely can buy these brands :

I have seen some brands with size 20 but no time to really look around. Happy hunting!

#25 Posted by Aces (3718 days ago)

Just went to John Little sale at Specialists Shopping Centre.

Their "New Line" range have size up to 20 or 22. Have items on offer now so you might want to check it out.

#26 Posted by Aces (3718 days ago)

Fatchick - what size do you wear?

#27 Posted by Aces (3718 days ago)

If you want to buy at Saint Rolane, better to buy together and get a discount card....I think you have to buy about $200- and then will get 15% for future purchases.

#28 Posted by Aces (3718 days ago)

I'm a local and I so really love this site! I'm not asian built and had to "suffer" a lot during my shopping trips. Now I've found this site, I can't stop logining in everyday.

#29 Posted by GreenTea (3718 days ago)

hi, anyone know where where to find plus-size short demin skirt at Size 22?

#30 Posted by GreenTea (3718 days ago)

hi, anyone know where where to find plus-size short demin skirt at Size 22?

#31 Posted by BK (3718 days ago)

Will it be better to slim down or look for ur size? May have a way for u to slim down easily and healthily! Why not look for normal size clothings to wear in few months time?

Believe it or not, I have friend who lose 30kg in 6mths! So do think of wearing something good too. Wanna meet my friend can contact me at

#32 Posted by snowy (3718 days ago)

Hi Joey

I was looking at the website dat u recommend
There are a lot of sites, is there any of the sites that u can recommend for nice plus size clothes?

#33 Posted by snowy (3718 days ago)

Its Maximus house or Manify House?? I know theres a Manify House is at Arcade nr Raffles MRT #03-03

#34 Posted by Joey (3718 days ago)

Hi there everyone!

I used to buy GAP and Old Navy online from this site - its a online merchant that ships to singapore.. Prices quite ok, considering i used to visit Oz once a year to stock up on my clothes.

Also, you can try, its a UK site, price quite ok. i am a Size 18 myself. Hence, if any of you ladies need information on where to get, pls do email me at

Oh! i just got 3 pcs from Closet Raid yesterday - nice bunch of girls.. Prices quite reasonable..

Next thing me need now are SHOES! i am a Size 10 for american brands like GAP, VS... Anyone out there know where i can get large sized shoes with designs like those found in Charles and Keith etc...???

#35 Posted by Joey (3718 days ago)

Hi All

I post my reply sometime back regarding a site - sad to say, that they have stopped their 'partnership' with Old Navy and GAP, hence we cannot get anymore of their stuffs.. But the good news is that i hv a friend who will be relocating to San Francisco sometime in Feb and thats when the Spring collection arrives to US.. and its good as most of the Spring clothes are suitable for Sg, esp the climate.. I will be doing online shopping then, as i will have all my stuffs shipped to my friend's place and she wld be shipped it back to SG for me.. :)

so, if anyone wanna get anything from US esp OLD NAVY and GAP, pls do email me @ and we can 'shop' together..

There is Aus site - that ships SG.. clothes quite ok..

#36 Posted by g2 (3695 days ago)

Hi ladies!

There will be a new store coming soon that caters for us plus-sizers! My partners and I are now sourcing for a suitable location and gonna be providing clothes from the region and australia for all occassions.

Perhaps you ladies can help us out a bit by giving some opinions and ideas on the following :

1. What percentage for our category of clothes should we stock ?
a. Casuals (everyday wearing)
b. Office Wear
c. Party (gowns)
d. Undergarments
e. Others - please suggest, for instance maternity wear

2. What price range is considered reasonable for you all ?

3. Should we offer online shopping on our website too ?

4. Is distance and accessibility an issue for you shoppers in deciding if you would visit our shop ?

Thank you all who will be responding to this message! We look forwarding to be serving you all real soon and even if you do not wish to answer these questions but wished to be informed of our opening, email me!

Just me, Grace
Email me at with your answers!

#37 Posted by kellymarie (3691 days ago)

Hi all,

I have recently set up a mail order/home party business here in singapore selling plus size bras, i sell only bras made in england (which is where i am from) i sell 30-42 d-h Cup,i also sell cup size swimwear, if you want more info pls email me Ps i am in Singapore and like you am not a small in that department.

#38 Posted by thesundaydose (1673 days ago)

i have a series of preorders catered for BBW (big and beautiful women) and i would like to invite you for a look at
no obligation, sizes range up to XXXXL and i promise prices are affordable at under $30. see you ladies!

#39 Posted by vaniudhay (1554 days ago)

any1 knows a shop selling larger cup size bras in singapore... its almost impossible to find unwired unpadded bras in singapore.. even if i find(BHG,Triumph) they dont have my size... my size is 85G(...!) European size 38G... Please help..!

#40 Posted by Luiz (1550 days ago)

there is this shop at velocity novena square #02-02B that sells ethnic, embroidered, beaded clothings..and they have Big sizes available!..and long dresses too..check it out..

#41 Posted by girlsland (1429 days ago)

You can try , they have affordable plus size female clothes and their measurements are all listed. :)

#42 Posted by size14 (1389 days ago)

Ms Read at the centrepoint orchard road #02-30 carries a wide range for career and casuals; reasonable prices ($49 - $149) and good quality fabrics...sizes from UK12-24!!
there's also another outlet at Metro Paragon Level 3. Friendly and helpful staff.

#43 Posted by grado (1346 days ago)

I found ebay sell the plus size shoes, here is the links.
hope useful for you

#44 Posted by xscrazy (1340 days ago) is not bad... they are coming up with more instocks of plus size clothings! though only some are brand new but it's quite cheap!

#45 Posted by nikkityl (1327 days ago)

I found some really nice plus size from which is pretty reasonable price. They have up to XXXL sizes. I got many of my dresses from there. They do offer pretty nice designs which sometimes if you go out and look at those boutique and they dont have your size.

#46 Posted by Anne11 (1202 days ago)

I bought a few dresses from and am very satisfied... they have really pretty and affordable dresses. What I love most from this blogshop is the fact that they took time to show how the dress would fit on a plus size woman... their dresses fit up till XXXL!

Happy browsing guys!

#47 Posted by MaryDaizy (1200 days ago)

Blogshops these days seem to be stocking larger sizes. Their prices are always good. I've come across one Miss Sparkle (

#48 Posted by smash_boxx (1195 days ago)

Hi gals, being oversize before, i know how difficult to find plus size clothings, esp dresses.... so recently, i've start a store on facebook selling plus size up to 4XL! of cos there are nice korean shoes up to size 40 an regular clothings

pls note that there are oversize tee as well in regular albums

chk out more items at my page,

#49 Posted by summerpeach88 (1164 days ago)

Hi there to all big footed girls out there!!

Please visit

We carry up to US size 11!!!

Have a lovely day ahead :)

p.s. im a size 10

#50 Posted by pluspreorder (1131 days ago)

Do take a look at
We are a plus size clothing store with have a huge variety of plus size clothing including winter wear, bottoms, dresses & tops.

#51 Posted by Alicelee1983 (595 days ago)

#52 Posted by bracelets (449 days ago)
plus size shoes and clothes in Singapore

#53 Posted by grado (420 days ago)
another plus size shoes on sale in Singapore

#54 Posted by fortunep (112 days ago)

What's up fellow pirates!
We're a team, for selling custom embroidery apparels. It would mean a lot to us if you could check this online and leave some feedback!
Here's the link:

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